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Trauma Center: New Blood, More Footage of the New Faces

For this week’s Trauma Center: New Blood update we’ve got a new video introducing the “New Faces”. We’ve heard and seen Markus, Valerie and Elena before but they introduce a few other characters too including Professor Wilkins who mentions some sort of disease. I’m pretty sure this is going to be the epic disease that threatens the world. Good voice acting and the background track is too.

I see they’ve changed the briefing screen to suit the new poor environments the doctors will be working in.

New Briefing Screen

There’s still no exact release date yet. The only thing we know is that NA will have it before the end of the year and pre-orders are already up! Free syringe pen and a Caduceus International Certificate to go with it all. It’s looking like that cover is here to stay.

Pre-order Gifts

I guess we won’t be getting any of these gifts over here and will probably be expecting the game for the new year but what else is new? I wonder if it’ll end up clashing with No More Heroes and how many more website updates they have left.


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