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European Release Date Set for No More Heroes

It appears Ubisoft won’t be the ones publishing “No More Heroes” over here but, it looks like we Europeans will be getting the game on around the same date as NA in February 2008. Great news!

Just a pity we won’t be getting the Metal Key Katana accessory as an early purchase gift too.

No More Heroes Boxart

Here’s the full press release from Rising Star:

Rising Star Games is pleased to announce that it will publish No More Heroes, the highly anticipated action game by Tokyo-based acclaimed game designer, Goichi Suda, (Suda 51). The project has been developed by Suda 51’s development studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, Inc. and Rising Star Games’ parent company, Marvelous Entertainment. No More Heroes is set to arrive in Europe in February 2008 exclusively for Nintendo Wii.

No More Heroes tells the story of Travis Touchdown, an animé fan who lives in the fictional town of Santa Destroy, California. After an unexpected turn of events, Travis finds himself being approached by the head hunter of an assassins’ organisation. Travis is challenged to prove himself worthy by defeating ten other bloodthirsty killers – all with deep stories of their own – to make his way to the top of the assassins’ league.

“Rising Star Games is very excited to be bringing this latest project from Suda 51 to the European market,” commented Martin Defries, Managing Director, Rising Star Games. “He is without doubt a legendary creative powerhouse within the gaming industry. No More Heroes is shaping up to be a widely anticipated Q1 title for both the trade and consumers alike. It’s a massively engaging and immersive gaming experience for the Wii. This is exactly the right product to broaden the format’s appeal to a wider, more serious gaming audience.”

No More Heroes realises the dream of Wii players everywhere as they can wield the Wii Remote to swing the beam katana and perform spectacular wrestling moves. Suda 51’s creation features avant-garde graphics which will thrust players into a stylised world filled with edgier gameplay. Taking its lead from the silver screen, the storyline is riddled with laugh-out-loud violence, black humour and irony-filled dialogue. No More Heroes is a multi-sense video game experience: dark, engaging and pure entertainment!

“With No More Heroes, we wanted to create a game that allows players to be able to jump right in and play,” said Suda 51, president of Grasshopper Manufacture. “The Wii allows us to create an open world where movement and gameplay feel very natural.”

Well, I have a nice list of upcoming Wii games now; Super Mario Galaxy, Endless Ocean and Trauma Center: New Blood. Just still waiting for a release date for Dragon Quest: Swords now.


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