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3 Minute Yggdra Union Opening, The Directing Style

As you may know from my last post, this new animated opening for Yggdra Union PSP was directed by the same person who done the Persona 3 cutscenes, Yukio Takatsu so I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in his directing style. You might too if you’ve played P3.

Take for example how there’s many moon shots, the glowing golden crosses scene (resembles the coffins from P3), the crimson moon (Dark Hours) and the battle full of flames (P3 FES). And we can’t forget the close-up shots of the armour which reminds me of the Aegis close-up shots.

Yggdra Union PSP OP

Saying that however, it’s a very cute opening watching Yggdra run off with the Holy Sword of Gran Centurio and all the other chibi characters in action. The artwork, animation and music’s very good. You can watch it yourself at the SRPG official site’s movie section.

I wonder if they’ll throw in an artbook for this game too… Just hope they don’t release a special edition later like they’re doing with Riviera.


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