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The Trauma Centre New Blood Official Site Opens with Detailed Game Info

The Trauma Centre New Blood site is now officially open! It’s no longer the promotional Tuesday site now but it would be great to see the same update schedule continuing. They’ve added plenty of material such as the story, character profiles, game system, previous trailers and two downloadable wallpapers. It’s good to see they’re actually using some of the game backgrounds instead of abstract patterns like the previous SO wallpapers.

Official Site Opens!

It appears Shoji Meguro won’t be the one doing the music this time. Kenichi Tsuchiya, who composed for the earlier MegaTen games such as Persona 2 will be taking the role. I don’t think I’ve heard his music before but lets hope it’s as good as the previous TC tracks!

Artwork will be handled by the same TC:SO artist, Masayuki Doi and they’re looking as good as ever. I don’t see why the new nurse Elena looks like she’s blushing but I guess she’s the new main Moe character in place of Angie.

Game flow is pretty much the same except you get to choose which doctor you wish to operate as, Markus or Valerie.

As for the online leaderboards, it looks like both Japanese and NA players will be using the same boards. I wonder if we Europeans will just get our own board since we’ll probably end up getting the game a few months later.

New Blood is due sometime this Winter for Japan and as for NA, there seems to be a date of November 20th but somehow, I don’t think that’s right because it’ll kind of be clashing with Super Mario Galaxy which is out about a week before. Well, I suppose the earlier it’s out over there, the earlier we’ll get it here in PAL land too so that wouldn’t be so bad. Just make the story last more than 6 hours please!


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