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Wii Firmware Update v3.10, Channel Updates and Flash Exploit Fixed?

If you don’t leave your Wii on standby mode like I do then, you might be interested to know there was a number of updates for the console today. Three in total in fact.

First up is the firmware that makes the Wii tick, upgrading from v3.00 to v3.10. The only real change is that USB keyboards can now be used in the Internet Channel and Everybody Votes Channel unlike last time. Not all keyboards are supported. The only one confirmed so far is the no thrills Logitech Classic Keyboard 200. I say “no thrills” because these days all the PC keyboards have shortcuts and even ones which have graphically customisable OLED keys like this US$1500 one!

Optimus Maximus Keyboard

Secondly the Internet Channel can now be updated from v9.1 to v9.3 via the Wii Shop which means they must have fixed the Flash exploit! Sure enough, it appears they have fixed it according to Game Watch. The full changes (apart from the bug fixes) can be found at the official Nintendo site but here they are too:

  • Support for USB keyboards.
  • The B button now acts as a shift button while on the keyboard screen.
  • Text can now be highlighted to run a quick search.
  • Favourites and the page you’re currently viewing can now be sent to your friend’s message board.
  • Webpage links clicked on in the message board will automatically load up in the browser.
  • Number of favourites you can have has increased from 48 to 56.
  • Flash player and Javascript bugs fixed.

Apart from the new quick search function, none of the changes I wanted have been implemented namely, a real time text search similar to that of Firefox and a copy and paste function. It’s still a handy browser.

Now that the exploit’s been patched up, hackers will no longer be able to use it to run “homebrew” code through it. Not that anyone’s come up with a way of doing it so far… So should you upgrade or wait for a possible hack? Might as well upgrade because I’m sure someone will find another way round the region lock or, you could always chip the Wii.

Last but not least, the Everybody Votes Channel can also be updated via the Wii Shop for an improved “National Results by Region” display.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about new free channels for the Wii. However, during the Nintendo Conference 2007 yesterday the “Check Mii Out” was re-confirmed and a new “Everybody’s Nintendo” Channel was announced.

As the name suggests, the “Check Mii Out” Channel (AKA, “Mii Contest” in Japan) means you can submit Miis created in the Mii Channel for theme based contests via the Internet and also judge and vote for other people’s Miis. Japan will be getting this next month but I’m sure we’ll be getting it soon afterwards if not on the same day. Wouldn’t it be great if they threw in prizes too such as small amounts of Wii Points?

Check Mii Out

Next up is the “Everybody’s Nintendo” Channel which is basically an online guide to Nintendo’s selection of Wii and DS titles. Basically users can enter a bit of personal information such as your age and gender before you start reviewing games that you have played. Based on these reviews, the channel can then find other games that players may like.

Everybody's Nintendo Channel

There will of course be videos and screenshots available for viewing and best of all, DS demos can now be downloaded via your Wii too! No need to go visit that DS Station at your local games shop anymore.

Everybody's Nintendo Channel

This is great because even though the Internet is a great place full of information, it also takes a lot of time to find what you’re looking for. It’s all looking and sounding great.


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