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5 Centimeters per Second Novel November Release Date Confirmed

Just a few days ago, I posted about the rumours that a standalone version of the “5 Centimeters per Second” novel was going to be released next month. Well, I’ve finally found a different source besides the JP Wikipedia and blogs. While searching for news about the novel as usual, a new result popped up today and it was from the Amazon site!

According to the online retailer, the novel will be hardback, 200 pages long and will become available from November 14th for 1365 Yen (US$12). The publisher happens to be Media Factory, the same company who publishes the Da Vinci magazine in which the serialised version of the novel appeared in.

5cm Novel on Amazon

I tried checking Media Factory for a press release so that I could re-confirm but their site doesn’t seem to have anything about it. I think Amazon’s info should be reliable enough, though. I’m still wondering what cover they’ll use. The DVD illustration would be nice but personally, I would prefer something different.

So what about the new content? Well, there seems to be a summary for each of the three part movie and I noticed this for the third part:



What I’ve highlighted in bold translates to, “Going to Tokyo to continue into university, Takaki falls in love several times but loses them once again.”

Does this mean the novel will cover Takaki’s university life too? It can’t be referring to the flashback because Kanae was just one person and nothing really happened between them. The rest of that paragraph talks about how he ends up working for a software development company, meets Risa Mizuno and gets attracted to her.

Well, since the book’s out mid-November so I should be able to import it before the Christmas closing date for overseas mail. Can’t wait!


2 Responses

  1. Wow! I’m exited for this. On the other note, ADV launched the English trailer and website this morning to 5cm per Second. Check it:



  2. I remember seeing ADV’s site before but I don’t think I saw a trailer at the time. Thanks for the heads up!

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