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Yggdra Union Remake for PSP in 2008, Riviera PSP Special Edition

I think it was pretty obvious that Sting was going to bring their next popular SRPG “Yggdra Union” over to the PSP.

Yggdra Union PSP

Originally released for the Gameboy Advance back in March 2006, details about what’s new is pretty thin at the moment. The official site isn’t open until October 9th but you can expect the remake to contain the following when the game is out next year January 24th:

  • New characters, events, stages.
  • A 3 minute opening directed by Yukio Takatsu (Persona 3).
  • Added voice acting.

I haven’t played the GBA game but I look forward to this version and it doesn’t look like they’ve just used a filter for the graphics this time.

Riviera Special Edition

Meanwhile, Riviera Special Edition is due out October 18th with more new content to satisfy the fans…

  • A longer chapter 8 where you can have Ledah in your party.
  • English/Japanese voice option (text remains JP).
  • Save anywhere.
  • Plus game for faster skill ups.
  • Faster loading times.

And of course, there’s the pre-order goody which is once again a “Riviera Designer’s Works” book containing all the unreleased artwork for the WSC, GBA and PSP versions of the game.

I already own the first PSP game so I don’t think I’ll be ordering this one.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info. The preorder goody for Riviera sounds nice; I’m a sucker for artwork.

  2. Import stores don’t usually guarantee their customers will get the pre-order goods so, bear that in mind when pre-ordering ^^;

    If they do, some stores such as NCXS or Himeya do say. Sometimes only after they have stock in.

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