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Trauma Center Second Opinion Soundtrack, New Blood Promotion Site Up

Just came across this file while I was trying to find some new info about Trauma Center: New Blood. If the original DS game soundtrack wasn’t enough for you then, maybe you’ll like the remixes from Second Opinion. Again, these files are just rips so the track names are unofficial. You can thank “Cubed” for recording them!

There’s some new songs such as the Second Opinion OP and Episode Selection which happen to be my favourites from the selection. The “CD covers” you see below and the previous one were just something I decided to quickly whip up.

I’m guessing there’s no official soundtrack coming out because there’s simply too few tracks and they’re short.

Trauma Center Second Opinion OST

It looks like they’ve set up a promotional site today for the true Trauma Center sequel. Just a single new trailer showing off co-op mode again but apparently the site will get updated every Tuesday.


7 Responses

  1. WOW! Thanks! Downloading….

  2. Went for both I see. You should really be thanking the ones who ripped them. Some very good music ^^

  3. Wow!!! I have been a big fan of this game and the new one (Trauma Center New Blood)

    Now that I found the music for this, hopefully I can find the music for the newest one soon too!!


  4. Well, I hope “Cubed” is reading this post since it’s really him who should be being thanked ^^;

    I’m sure someone will rip the new game’s music too. Can’t wait until I get to play it!

  5. I found your rip searching in google, finally!!!!


  6. Hope you enjoy them, Jonatas!

    Hmmm, just over 200 downloads. Not bad…


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