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Super Paper Mario Glitch Corrupts Internet Channel?

My Internet Channel was working fine until I came across that glitch in Paper Mario which freezes your Wii. Then it just refused to connect to any websites when I ran it again today (last time I ran it was before I encountered the glitch). Thought it might have been my internet connection acting up again but the other channels such as Everybody Votes were working fine.

I tried deleting the Internet Channel then re-downloading from the Wii Shop but it still wouldn’t work. Eventually I just deleted the channel’s saved data and it was working again. I wonder if the freeze somehow corrupted it.

In any case, good to have the channel back. It’s handy when you want to show a site to a group of people instead of bringing them all to your room. Also good if you needed to check something quickly or stream the latest episode of your favourite Anime so that you can watch it in the living room…

Still no details about how to get bugged copies of the game replaced.

Super Paper Mario Bugged Version


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