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FFVII Crisis Core Finished in 14 Hours, Impressions and Hints at an FFVII Remake or Just Teasing?

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8 Responses

  1. Looks good. I’ll wait for the English version first. Game seems rather short, but nostalgic feelings for FFVII will make me buy Crisis Core as well anyway.

    As much as I like a remake, it might be a huge waste of resource on Square Enix, I dont know much on programming, but wouldn’t they need to rebuild the game again? Having said that, I will still grab it if they remake. :)

    Anyway, DS seems to be highly popular compared to PSP.

  2. Well, the demand’s there. Every time a hint about an FFVII re-make like this crops up, the forums are fired up with a few hundred replies in no time. They pretty much have all the 3D models done so the graphics would be covered. I don’t think programming would be too much of a task either.

    And yeah, DS is more popular thanks to its stylus controls and “non-games”. I’ve hardly played either recently. Just the Wii ^^;

  3. If they make a VII remake for PS3, I will buy both immediately.

    lol. unfortunately, that probably won’t be for some time…

  4. You and all the other loyal FFVII fans out there I’m sure. I think it would be amazing to play the game with Advent Children graphics.

    So many more PS3 units will be moved if a remake did come out. SE could even help produce a new PS3 bundle, limited edition even.

  5. Let’s just hope that if, (when?) they put out FFVII for PS3 – they don’t change the story line or the “play.”

    I’m geared up to purchase a PSP as soon as Crisis is released this Spring. Like any FFVII fan, if you put it out there, I will buy . . . :-)

  6. wow, thanks for posting the comprehensive spoiler+screenshots here. now I don’t need to buy psp only for the sake of this game :3

    Hmm, I think SE have a (low-priority) plan to make a FFVII remake, but since nomura is concentrating in FF XIII, maybe we could expect it after FF XIII has been released. Maybe they will use FFXIII’s engine to ensure the remake is graphically powerful.

  7. You could be right… FFXIII’s graphics engine as the “guinea pig” before the remake.

    Then again, they already have that PS3 tech demo working… All they have to do is build on that.

  8. Love your site. I’m a long time FF VII fan since it first came out. Our family has a number of other FF titles including VIII, IX and XII and just recently I & II, & FFIII for DS. I have been eyeing the PSP since learning that Crisis Core will be released next month here in the US. I have a Best Buy gift card that I’m holding onto from the recent holidays to purchase the game and the PSP. I love the idea of a remake, but who doesn’t? I know I’d buy it!
    I just recently pulled out the old 3-disc game and dusted off the PS and spent many happy hours replaying the entire game again. Still enjoying it 11 years after it was introduced. Just THE best RPG ever IMO

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