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Ubisoft to Bring “No More Heroes” to the West

Yay, another Wii title I want to play that’s going to get localised for the West. One less reason for me to get an import Wii. Despite getting bored of the GTA games long ago, “No More Heroes” looks like a fun game (at least one that makes good use of the Wiimote). Swinging your Wiimote like a Katana and putting it to your ear to answer calls…

For those of you who don’t know what the action game’s about, you play as assassin Travis Touchtown, who is also a media Otaku born in the town of Santa Destroy, California. One day, after winning a “Beam Katana” from an internet auction by coincidence, you’re hired to go kill an assassin named “Helter Skelter”. After doing so you suddenly find yourself ranked 11th in the UAA (United Assassins Association?). For the rest of the game, you’re basically free to do what you like such as side quests and, going off to kill the other ranked assassins when you want to progress the story.

No More Heroes - Travis

The release date for Japan is December 6th. No pre-order goodies have been announced so far I’m afraid. US gets it February 2008 so… We’ll probably get it sometime around summer over here in PAL land. Would be great if Dragon Quest Swords came out before that, though.

If you’re interested, the official site has a number of clips available for watching. Gamespot also has a pretty in-depth dubbed interview with the game’s director, Goichi Suda.


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