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A Murderous Drowning Glitch in the US Version of Persona 3

Still playing Persona 3 and I’m just over 60 hours into the RPG. Not long until the final battle now. Before that, I came across an odd funny little glitch during one of the event scenes.

Persona 3 Bug

Yup, it’s another one of those hot spring fan service scenes but, it’s not very graphical like most that are in drawn Japanese entertainment. It’s more of a teaser.

I was laughing as the guys panicked when the girls entered the springs. As I watched Shunpei force Ryoji’s head into the water to keep him quiet, the event scene decided to freeze at a very odd moment. Ryoji was left struggling to get his head out of the water and after a few seconds, my laughter turned into puzzlement. About a minute passes and the scene still hadn’t moved on. The game was stuck with a looped animation and a splashing sound.

It was obviously a glitch though and after searching around, it seems quite a number of people came across it too. I had to leave the PS2 running for around 10 minutes before the scene progressed to the next piece of dialogue. Still, it was a funny part of the scene to pause at because it made it look as if Shunpei was trying to drown Ryoji!

Now I’m a little bit more hesitant about buying the US version. I hope this is fixed in the PAL release. I’m also curious to see if they’ll bring the FES version of the game over too. If they don’t then I may just get the standalone version of Persona 3: FES.


4 Responses

  1. Never happened to me. Were you using HDloader or swapmagic?

  2. Swapmagic. Looking at the gaming boards, it seems to be random. Kind of like the Paper Mario PAL glitch I guess.

  3. Happened to me on my first play. Was stuck for about 3 minutes before it moved on.

  4. Really? Were you playing it on a chipped PS2 or using SwapMagic? Just want to see if it really is just people who are using a modded PS2.

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