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Website Owner Tries to Encourage Others to Boycott Firefox for its Ad-block Extension

I don’t really mind advertisements on websites as long as they are well implemented seamlessly. Unfortunately, there are the odd few that likes to bombard you with pop-ups, hi-jacking your browser into full screen mode or just crashing your computer which can be very irritating. It’s like walking along the streets and having brochures shoved in your face or, one of the distributors following you for a good few minutes before leaving you alone.

While there isn’t much you can do on the streets, online you’ve got plenty of ad-blocking software available these days. One of them happens to be free with Firefox, a popular extension known as “Adblock” but a web designer is currently trying to encourage website coders to block the browser. His reason for doing so is pretty much boils down to how many sites rely on the revenue they earn from their affiliates to run so by using a browser with such an extension, some financial problems may arise with website owners. As there is no way to disable the extension itself alone via a website, he is suggesting users implement a piece of code to block Firefox completely.

Firefox blocking site.

I understand his concern because affiliate funding do help if you have your own domain and private host space where you have to pay annually. However, I don’t think this little campaign will go very far because people wanting to filter out unwanted content from browsers was the very reason Adblock was created.

Furthermore, I’m sure there are plenty of other third party software that does the job even if you weren’t using Firefox. If you wanted to do it the “expert” way, you could even edit the hostfile in Windows and ads will still be blocked. Banning Firefox users from your site in an effort to get ad affiliates going again isn’t going to achieve much.

The Adblock and Noscript extensions combo works great together in Firefox BTW.


4 Responses

  1. They changed it to only blocking adblock the extension. They say if adblock wanted to they can probably find a way to bypass their block. Also if anyone does happen to stumble upon such a site you can use the IE tab extension and just go to the site with IE within firefox

  2. I haven’t really come across any sites that’s using his blocking code. Even then, Noscript will probably allow them to be displayed properly as long as the site contents aren’t displayed via Javascript.

  3. The ‘code’ this guy is promoting websites use is a joke. It is generally impossible to block a program like firefox, because the only means a site has to identify the browser is to query its user agent string. To sidestep this lame measure, in your address entry box type:


    in the ensuing screen, type ‘firefox’ in the filter box. this will show a small number of advanced configuration entries. One of them with be named ‘general.useragent.extra.firefox’. Right click on this entry, and select ‘modify’ in the popup dialogue that will appear. In mine I put an arbitrary string, but you could put whatever you want.



    … and you will quite happily sidestep any of these so called boycott sites… assuming any of them even contain anything you’d want to see to begin with. I’m just sayin’.

  4. Yeah, basically any plugin or software that blocks referral headers will do the trick too. And like you said, the site will have to be really appealing if you want to go out of your way to by-pass the code…

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