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Another Century’s Episode: The Final Arrives but No Pre-order Artbook

Mecha action game “A.C.E. 3: The Final” that came out in Japan last Thursday arrived from Play-Asia but unfortunately, I was too late for the bonus hardback artbook goodies. I pre-ordered a week before the release date so considering the popularity of the series, I wasn’t expecting to get it anyway. Others that pre-ordered it as soon as they were open on PA managed to get theirs.

Photo 1

It’s not really mine since it was my brother who wanted to order it so I haven’t played it either. I watched him playing it for a while and it reminded me of Gundam Battle Royale on the PSP. There’s missions which mostly involve destroying enemy mechas quickly and then upgrading your unit with points you earn from battle. The main difference is there’s a co-op mode which is “unlocked” after completing the first mission.

Taking place after the first two games, you play as 17 year old Barrel Orland, an adopted son of an Earth Federation high official. One day while at school, the area is attacked by an unknown enemy from the skies. After being rescued by one of the pilots named Fei Roshnande and showing off your potential mecha piloting skills, you become the pilot of the ACE original mecha, Exbrau.

Photo 2

The game works fine with Swap Magic on the PAL PS2 but just like other imports, the pre-rendered cutscenes stutter a little. There’s plenty of text in the game but fortunately you can skip it all with the Start button.

Here’s some shots of the packaging.

Overman King Gainer, Dragonar-1 Custom.

Photo 3

Gundam X, Black Selena, Gundam, V Gundam, Freedom Gundam.

Photo 4

God Gundam, Nirvash Type ZERO, Wing Gundam ZERO (EW Version), Aura Battler Dunbine, Turn A Gundam.

Photo 5

Shin Getter 1, VF 1S SuperValykrie, Nelly Brain, Macross Plus YF-19, Nanajin.

Photo 6

ACE original mecha, Exbrau with its two pilots Barrel and Fei. Also a little ad for the game’s image song Shinku (深紅, Scarlet) and ending Ai no Shi (愛の詩, Song of Love) that is on Hitomi Shimatani’s latest single.

Photo 7


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