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FFVII Crisis Core Dumped, Just a Few Hours Before I can Play it

Well, the highly anticipated PSP ARPG “FFVII: Crisis Core” has been dumped early today as I expected. The ISO file’s at 1.6GB which just about fills the 1.8GB UMD, kind of like the DJ Max Portable 2 game. Gives you a rough idea of how much content is on it.

If you have a downgraded PSP then you can just visit your favourite torrent site for it. It’s pretty much everywhere with plenty of people leeching away. My file’s still got a few hours to go before it finishes so I won’t get a shot at it until tomorrow.

I wonder if it’s the 2ch user who showed off his copy of the game that dumped it but then again, people within HK and Taiwan already collected their copies from the stores as usual. The Japanese street release date only applies to Japan after all.

Can’t wait to try it for a bit but after that, I want to finish off Persona 3 first. Then I can put in an order for those fan books without worrying about spoilers ^^;

Still wish I put in a pre-order for those FFVII 10th Anniversary earphones.

Crisis Core Boxart


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