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FFVII Crisis Core Site’s Character Section Now Complete?

Descriptions for Hollander, Yuffie and Tifa has been added to the Characters section of the FFVII Crisis Core site now, filling up the remaining spaces. You can also watch short videos of Cloud and Aerith.

Quite a bit of Aerith’s video has already been seen really from the TGS2006 trailer. Another bit of nostalgia for those who played the original FFVII game since Cloud also fell through the church’s roof and landed onto the flower bed. Cloud’s video shows the good friendship between him and Zack. You can find translations of the updates at Adventchildren.net.

FFVII Ultima Book, Cloud & Aerith Church Scene

SE will probably add news about the soundtrack CD next in the Info section.

FFVII Crisis Core Site

On the other hand, my penpal has mailed me back to say pre-orders are now unfortunately closed. I guess I’m too late for those bonus earphones after all. As a last resort, I tried to visit SE’s E-Store but guess what… It’s down for maintenance until tomorrow 15:00 JST. What luck. It’s like that time when I had reserved some money to buy this week’s Paper Mario but then my printer’s print head breaks down.

Oh well. It seems Play-Asia is already preparing orders to be dispatched according to people on the GameFAQs board so, I doubt I would have managed to got an order in anyway. Just less than 3 days before release and if PA has the game now then, I’m guessing it won’t be long before it gets dumped now. Can’t wait! I’ll just buy it later since there are other items that are taking priority on my list just now such as the upcoming 5 Centimeters per Second novel and probably the Code Geass drama CDs.

でも、悔しいなぁ・・・ やっぱりもっと早く予約するべきだったOrz


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