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Level 5 Reveals Live Action Professor Layton Movies at Conference and Details of “Devil’s Box”

During the “Level 5 Vision 2007” press conference today, the company responsible for hit titles such as Jeanne d’Arc, Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy, announced they will be making a live action movie of their Professor Layton riddle puzzle game series. President Akihiro Hino felt that they had to produce movies too so that the world of Professor Layton will be able to reach other audiences too. According to Famitsu, producing the movie will be Masakazu Kubo who is responsible for the Pokemon movies.

Professor Layton Live Action Movie

I really liked the presentation in the first game so I would have preferred it if they kept the original Anime animation but well, lets see how this works out.

Meanwhile, the release date for the second Professor Layton trilogy title “Professor Layton and the Devil’s Box” release date has been set for November 29th and you can learn more about it from my last post. It’s been revealed that there will be twice as many video cutscenes this time and the riddles/puzzles you will face will be completely new, not just ones taken from Akira Toga’s “Atama no Taisou (Exercising the Mind)” books. The ending theme song “Iris ~Shiawase no Hako~ (Box of Happiness) will also make an appearance, sung by Salyu.

Professor Layton and the Devil's Box

Ever since their first game “Professor Layton and the Curious Village” came out, it’s sold over 670,000 copies alone. If you can’t wait for the US English release coming this December 3rd, you can always check out my old translation guide on Gamebrink or read my review of it. It’s something fresh to try.


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