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Code Geass Stage 22.25, Volume 9 DVD to Come with a Collector’s Storage Box and Season Two in October?

The official Code Geass site has been updated with info about the final Sound Episode 6 and season one volume 9 DVD. Contents of the sound episode remains the same as previously reported and Nunnally’s character song has yet to be determined. I wonder if she’ll sing something like “Taisetsu na Onii-sama (My Precious Brother)” or something…

As for the final season one DVD, it’s going to have liner notes about the Code Geass world and narration from the voice actors once again. There’s also another “picture drama” which is looking to be the real ending for the childhood “Summer Days” story of Lelouch, Suzaku and Nunnally.

Code Geass DVD 9 Picture Drama

The Imperial Age, 2009AD. A story of Lelouch, Nunally and Suzaku’s separation. The summer days left something precious in the children’s hearts as the time was about to end.”

They’ve done a good job spreading out the story on both the drama CDs and DVDs, haven’t they? Ah… The joys of marketing. But I was planning to get both eventually anyway!

And, those who pre-order the DVD might be able to get their hands on the first press edition which will come with this nice collector’s storage box to put all the previously released DVDs in. Lelouch x C.C. and Suzaku x Euphie fans should be happy with the cover. Black and White clothing. How fitting for the couples.

Collector's Box

Just hope this doesn’t mean they’re not going to release an actual boxset… Or maybe they’re planning on waiting until season two’s over (or whatever season the series is going to end up spanning).

Season Two and Thoughts on Season One

Speaking of which, season two is due this October according to the Japanese magazine “TV Station” shown in Akatsuki-san’s blog. However, it hasn’t been confirmed by the bigger dedicated Anime magazines such as Newtype yet so, don’t be too sure about it. When it does get confirmed, I’m sure scans and photos of the pages will popup everywhere around the Anime community.

I do look forward to the sequel because season one ended with such a cliffhangar… At the same time, I felt it was quite a good ending because the Japanese v Britannia battle was kind of at an end. Now they should be concentrating on the mystery of the Geass. I’m also sure they won’t kill off C.C. because she’s one of the characters with a huge fanbase.

Meanwhile, volume 8 was just released on Friday, the DVD containing the episode where Euphie goes off on a killing spree… That was such a sad end for her! It also showed how strong she was mentally because she managed to fight off the Geass effect for a minute or two.

Volume 8 DVD, Picture Drama “Stage 22.25”

Anyway, the DVD came with picture drama “Stage 22.25” which takes place just 30 minutes after Zero is off to speak with Euphie privately. During that time, Nunnally is listening to the radio and recalling her childhood days with Euphie, before she and Lelouch were sent to Japan.

Screen 1

Little Nunnally and Lelouch are staying over at Euphie’s place for one night. Nunally runs around laughing innocently even though it was getting late. She spots a plate made in commemoration of their mother Marianne’s knighting. It was something Euphie asked Cornelia for because it looked so nice.

Screen 2

Nunnally wants one too and so wants to take it away with her. Euphie doesn’t know what to say but Lelouch tries to take it back from Nunnally. In the process, they drop the plate and it’s shattered in half. With Nunnally crying, Lelouch makes her apologise.

Screen 3

However, to Lelouch’s surprise Euphie isn’t bothered. She was actually happy because now both of them could have the plate. After getting half of the plate, Nunnally becomes so happy she kisses Euphie on the cheek.

Screen 4

That night was the last moment that Nunnally could be with Euphie during their childhood. It wasn’t long afterwards that she and Lelouch had to find out that the world wasn’t always such a nice place.

Screen 5

Back to the present, Nunnally believes that Euphie is trying to create such a nice world and that she will be able to do it. Just then, the radio reports Euphie has returned from her talks with Zero smiling. Suddenly, the radio breaks and Nunnally drops her part of the plate.

Screen 6

Nice commemorative episode for Euphie with the innocent childhood scene, hmm? Leads neatly into the next picture drama too after what Nunnally said about realising the world isn’t always such a nice place…


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