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Shonen Jump Magazine Reminds Players of the Final Fantasy IV Main Characters

Final Fantasy IV DS is looking better than FFIII with its new head to body ratio character designs. Less “chibiness” which is good for the more in-depth storyline. The pre-rendered version of the characters are looking great too. Can’t wait until they release a new PV with more CG footage! Until then, the trailer shown at the SE Party 2007 is still available for viewing on the site.

This Shonen Jump scan gives us profiles of the heroes from Baron; Rosa Farrell, Kain Highwind and Cecil Harvey. There’s a screenshot of Rydia towards the bottom-right too. If you really need a reminder of who they are, you can always check Wiki.

And I just noticed this but… What a nice coincidence that the fourth remake of Final Fantasy IV will contain the biggest changes out of all the remakes so far.

It seems Japanese and importers alike will be able to get their hands on this game sometime this winter.



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  1. It sounds so good that I can’t even wait the informations ! I hope it will be released soon in Europe, I hope in debut 2008 !

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