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So That’s The Name of the Classical Symphony Used in the “My Girl” Song “Never Say Goodbye”

I don’t usually watch Korean drama but because the Korean boom has been very strong in Asia lately, there’s been lots of them on TV in Hong Kong. So while I was over there in January I came across “My Girl (마이걸)”, otherwise known as “大話妹” in Cantonese meaning “The Lying Little Girl”. They were advertising the drama every hour or something… At least that’s what it felt like.

It turned out to be a very good comedy romance show. I only managed to catch the first few episodes before I returned to the UK. Fortunately, D-Addicts had the entire series for download at 700MB per episode. Pretty big files.

My Girl Korean Drama

I really liked this theme song “Never Say Goodbye” by Mario and Nesty which is an RnB song. I had been wondering if the violin parts of the song was an actual classical piece or not… Ended up coming across it while I was just trying out one of Square-Enix’s “DS Style” titles called, “Why Not Try Listening to Classical Music on your DS?” today which is a kind of classical music guide book. Looks like the drama’s theme song uses the classical symphony “Mozart’s 40th Symphony, 1st Movement (Molto Allegro)”.

The other time I heard a Korean song using samples of another classic composition was “Temptation of Sonata” by Ivy where Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” was used. Her music video was a live action rip of Tifa’s fighting scene from Square-Enix’s Advent Children movie.

It actually didn’t look too bad apart from the K-Pop star being a bad version of Tifa. I’m sure it was one of the many reasons that angered FFVII fans. The visual CG perfection just wasn’t there. That and how most people thought the song was rubbish. The MV ended up being taken off the air in Korea back in April due to copyright issues. They never got permission from Square-Enix.

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