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The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower, Saw Nothing but Clouds…

Last night was supposedly the best time to view the annual Perseid meteor shower after 21:00 GMT and was due to peak at sunrise. What was special about this year’s event was you could see the shooting stars in the sky easily with the naked eye because it happened during the dark hours without a moon.

So I decided to stay up until morning last night, lying down with the curtains open, gazing up into the night sky and listening to the radio. Done that for around 3 hours after 1AM but I didn’t see a thing because of the clouds… Well, apart from one or two stars. I heard the same BBC World News about three times while I was waiting.

Too bad I couldn’t see anything. Just so happens to be a clear starry sky tonight as well… Better luck next time I guess although I’m not so sure if I’ll be able to stay up as long again.

Perseid meteor shower.


2 Responses

  1. Hey I stayed up late staring at the sky too! A pity that I couldn’t see anything either… *sigh*

  2. Well, it could be worse… If it happened once every decade or even every century ^^;

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