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The New PSP-2000, A Detailed Comparison by Famitsu

Famitsu made a detailed comparison between the original PSP and the upcoming slimmer PSP-2000 that’s due out next month in Japan on September 20th. In case you missed the last post about the new features, they are:

PSP-2000 Comparison

  1. Lighter, weight reduced from 280g to 189g.
  2. Smaller, thickness reduced from 23mm to 18.6mm.
  3. The IR port and UMD opening switch has been removed from the top edge. WLAN switch moved to where the IR port was.
  4. UMD slot is now opened up manually. It opens up wider than before.
  5. Memory stick slot has been moved further up to where the D-pad is.
  6. Speaker holes moved from the bottom of the console to the sides of the LCD screen. This way players can’t block the holes while playing.
  7. Earphone socket moved slightly to the right.
  8. A physically smaller battery that also has a reduced capacity of 1200mAh. Due to the lower power consumption of the new circuitry, the PSP will still last as long as the original. The original 1800mAh battery may still be used for an even longer playtime but you will have to purchase a separate battery cover.
  9. Video out at a resolution of 720×480 (same as standard DVD and UMD).
  10. Internal memory doubled from 32MB to 64MB to help speed up game loading times.
  11. Battery is now rechargeable via the mini USB port. Can still charge using the included AC adapter.

Quite a number of changes, no? You can check out the full side-by-side photo comparison on the Famitsu website.

As much as I want to enjoy DJ Max Portable on the big screen, I don’t think I’ll sell my current PSP to buy the new one. Nice to see official support for charging via USB but, I wonder if it’ll charge as slow as using that third party cable that’s out just now… If you’re really stuck for power while travelling, you could always bring along one of these USB travel battery packs. I haven’t actually tried one of these out yet, mind you!


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