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Change of Plans and the Next Guide, S-E’s “It’s a Wonderful World”

Well readers, I’ve decided I’m going to stop translating Japanese gaming news. There doesn’t seem to be that much interest in what other “weird and wonderful” titles come out in Japan anyway… Well, at least not more than what a machine translation can’t cover. The other point is that there’s plenty of bigger gaming sites and forums that cover all the big titles anyway so yeah.

I’m currently working on a scripted guide of Square-Enix’s latest “Subarashiki Kono Sekai” RPG, otherwise known as “It’s a Wonderful World”. It’s a very unique game so far and I’ve only just got past the first 7 day cycle (out of three) so it’ll be a little while before I complete the guide. It should crop up on Gamebrink soon.

I am also kind of thinking about stopping my scripted guides too because they are very time consuming. Even with an ARPG like Zelda: PH it took over 30 hours to write up with its small amounts of dialogue. Revenant Wings took over 50 hours and Project Hacker… I just remember working on that for weeks, non-stop. It was just madness to write a scripted guide for an ADV although it wasn’t the first one I wrote for. The main reason is however, I’ll be working full time soon so I don’t want to be half working translating games while playing them too.

I will keep my blog going but it will probably be moved in the future again and I will be writing about all sorts of stuff. Probably mainly about Anime and games still but not in the same format.

This blog has managed to accumulate around 100 unique visitors and 180 page views daily ever since I started this back last Summer 2006. Not bad progress considering I only started covering DS and PSP news after joining Gamebrink a few months ago.

Pretty ironic that my work might end with a game called, “It’s a Wonderful World” but, thank you all for reading up until now!

Nice artwork!


5 Responses

  1. It was an amazing run, and, while I’m a little sad for the change of plans, I understand your reasons completely and wish you the best of luck.
    I look forward to the Wonderful World guide (and now that I’ve been informed that there’s a Project Hacker guide I will check that one out as well :P)

  2. Aw, it’s a shame. I’m not a big importer so I don’t really use the guides (although I’m sure they’re great). I check this site daily, haha, to see all the great news.

    At least you aren’t closing it down!

  3. Like the comment upside, i’m a little sad of your plan’s change, but i’ll look forwards your guide too. Good Luck.

  4. Well, it was nice while it lasted. I’ve been coming to this site almost every day for the past year. The fact it is ending on a game entitled ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ is actually probably one of the best things. You wouldn’t want to end this on something like ‘Bloopity Bleep: The Tale of the Unpopped Bubble’ or ‘The Truth About the Darkness Within Each and Every One of Us’ would you?

  5. Shame to see you’re stopping the news translation. I loved that stuff. Very useful.

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