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Gegege no Kitarou: Youkai Olympics, A Competition with the Classic Series

I don’t usually cover Wii news unless it’s related to one of my favourite subjects. In this case, Gegege no Kitaro.


Supporting up to 4 players and making full use of the motion sensing Wiimote, “Gegege no Kitaro: Youkai Daiundoukai” allows you to play as any of the Youkai characters such as Kitaro, Neko Musume or Nezumi Otoko. Of all the different events involved, Game Watch introduces three of them.

There’s the “Grave Yard Dodging Race” where you must wave your Wiimote in 4 different directions to avoid obstacles and race to the goal. Wave up to jump, down to slide and also left or right. You can also use the nunchuk to move left and right.



“Boulder Soccer” which, as you’ll probably have guessed, sending a boulder into the opposition’s goal. It’s a 2 v 2 team game and Nurikabe will be the goalkeeper. Those of you who have watched the series or read the Manga will know how big he is so scoring isn’t going to be easy! Fortunately, you can hit him to make him smaller!



Movement can be automated like in Wii Tennis but you can also use the nunchuk. Waving the Wiimote kicks the ball and pressing A makes your character jump.

“Lighting Lanterns” is a bit like badminton. The difference is you’re using a will-o-wisp as the shuttlecock and you must time your hits so that it lights the lantern above the net. The lantern must be lit before you can score any points by landing the shuttlecock in the opposition’s court.

Controls are again similar to Wii Tennis.



For the fourth event, there’s a “Town Sprinting” competition where you’ll have to wave the Wiimote quickly to sprint as fast as you can.



Kind of like Wii Sports wrapped up in another package I know but they haven’t revealed what the other events are yet.

Due sometime this Winter from Bandai-Namco Games.


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