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“The Exciting Search for Witches” Box Contents Revealed, Game Selling Out Fast

Those of you who have been keeping an eye out on the controversial “Dokidoki Majo Shinpan” will know the game officially came out in Japanese shops today. Many shops in Akiba have already been putting up “sold out” signs like the one below after a few hours according to Akibablog. The website has also revealed what the box contains including that special hidden goody that was inside the pre-order bonus screen cleaner.

Photo 1

Apart from some concept art in the manual…

Photo 2

Those who pre-ordered had a little surprise inside this innocent looking screen cleaner pouch…

Photo 3

A sticker of Maho changing.

Photo 4

Higher resolutions of the above photos and more can be viewed on Akibablog (NSFW). Just sticking that picture on someone’s back will probably grab enough attention.


  • Akibablog.net

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