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Exclamation Warriors: Sakebu Rain, A Voice Controlled Action Game for Nintendo Club Members

That’s right. Here’s a game that you play partly by using your voice.

“Zekkyou Senshi: Sakebi Rain” is a 2~3 player game with download play support. You shout “Change Bakuretsu!” to transform and to attack, you can shout various sounds you find in Manga such as “Tee!” or “Yaa!” There will be some co-op elements involved and by timing shouts together, players can create combo specials.

This game will be exclusive to Nintendo Club members in Japan, costing 500 points and available for pre-ordering between July 4th and August 5th. The actual exchange takes place on September 11th.

You can watch an actual demo of the game at the official site and it looks really fun. If only they would bring it over to the Western Nintendo Club but I guess it would be a bit too cheezy for most people here…



2 Responses

  1. Cheezy indeed.
    And I wonder how long it takes for you to get tired of yelling “punch! punch! kick!” and all those other whacky commands at your DS.
    The game should come with a screen protector to shield it from all the spitting all that screaming could yield…

  2. I don’t really care if something’s cheezy so long as it’s fun. This game certainly looks like it!

    But yeah, it will probably get tiring, though. A Nintendo fan’s collector’s item all the same since it’s exclusive and you can’t buy it from shops.

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