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Hell Girl: Akekadzura, The Multi-branching DS Adventure Game

Based on the Anime “Jigoku Shoujo”, you play as a new original character Mizuho Takahashi, a young high school girl. As a member of the mystery club Mizuho’s activities have been affecting her school performance thus she has to stop taking part in them any more. She also learns that if nothing happens at the club a month later, it will be closed down. Looking at a magazine about a mysterious “Hell Girl”, she decides to go follow up the case in hope of saving the club.

The adventure game will feature the familiar multiple choices that will affect the outcome of the story. However, this time you’ll only have a limited number of turns to find out about the Hell Girl. Of course, a gallery mode will also allow you to review event scenes that you come across while you’re playing.

Due sometime in August.



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