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Stack it up with Tsumikiss, A Puzzle Game Approved by Mathematician Peter Frankl

The idea in “Tsunde Tsumikiss” is to manipulate a collection of shapes and pile them up so that they’re over a certain height. You have a limited time to do this and every time you throw away a piece that you don’t want, the time gauge will drop. You will also have to keep an eye on the balance gauge while piling up the pieces or they will fall and break.

Points in the game are obtained by linking the shapes you are given and creating a certain size of area. You can also obtain points by connecting shapes of the same colour but not as much. 50 bonus points are given once you’ve surpasses the target height.

In endless mode, shapes will be enlarged for every 400 points you earn. Although this makes it easier to achieve the heights you’re after, any shapes that haven’t been enlarged will end up being crushed easily. You’ll be able to enjoy seasonal photos from Japan and other countries while playing this mode.

The game has been given the thumbs up by Hungarian mathematician and street performer Peter Frankl which means it’s creatively stimulating and really gets the brain going.

Sounding like another great puzzle game!

Available August 30th.



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