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The Bikkuriman Encyclopaedia, The Popular Sticker Collection Going Digital

I don’t know if they’re still available now but, maybe you’ll remember the time when there were Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle cards available in shops that came with a stick of gum. Well, here’s something similar.

Bikkuriman is a series of sweets that came with random stickers, available in shops since 1977. To celebrate its 30th year anniversary, two of its subtitled series “Akuma vs Tenshi (Devils vs Angels)” will be turned digital on the DS with over 2000 stickers to collect.

“Bikkuriman Daijiten” will allow fans to test their knowledge about the series in a quiz, earn points and then use them to purchase stickers from the shop. A giant encyclopaedia is also available explaining the various keywords scattered on stickers.

Pre-orders will an original sticker featuring “Wonder Maria” while the game itself will come with another one “Head Rococo”. Available from August 23rd.



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