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Deltora Quest: The Seven Jewels, RPG Based on an Anime Show of Austrialian Novels

Written by Emily Rodda and first published back in the year 2000, the story tells of three heroes Lief, Barda and Jasmine who set on a journey to find seven jewels needed to vanquish an evil Shadow Lord.

ARPG “Deltora Quest: Nanatsu no Houseki” is based on the first series of books and will mainly be touch screen controlled. You’ll be able to tap enemies on the map to attack them and timing your taps well will allow you to create 3~5 hit combos.

There are the 3 heroes to switch between, each with own abilities. There’s Lief who has good balanced stats and a level 4 combo, the agile animal commanding Jasmine but who can be knocked far away easily, and Barda who has high attack stats but can’t use special or combos much.

The staff who will be working on this title will be…

Planning Kou Shibamura (PS Gun Parade March, PS2 Evangelion)
Scenario Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, Kingdom Hearts II)
Developer Audiogames (DS Contact)

The game is due out on August 20th. More screens can be found at the source and a short video clip is available at the site.



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