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Ace Attorney 3: Trials and Tribulations, Early Buyers can get a Bonus 4 Faced Cover

Occasionally you’ll find the odd DVD, CD or game etc. with double-faced covers that you can flip over if you want. Well, here’s one for the upcoming DS port of Ace Attorney 3 but it’ll have four designs. They cover all four games in the series and features characters from each instalment.

So, now you can change the cover for your collection of Ace Attorney games. People who have been importing the DS ports so far to play the English translations early will probably have a use for this. They can slip the GS4 cover into the localised version when the rumoured name “Apollo Justice” should appear for our new hero.

Or, this cover will make a nice collector’s item! Right, I’ve pre-ordered. Was going to buy it anyway but lets hope PA sends the bonus good as they usually do for people who pre-order. Don’t take my word for it, though!

Bonus Covers

Hey wait… Does that say, “Best Prise“? Hmmm, none of my import copies of the first two games have the wrong spelling. I hope they fix this before it’s released!


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