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NANA Recruiting Live Staff! ~All Applications Welcome~, Join NANA and Her Band

Well, it seems major online Japanese games sites haven’t really given this life sim much coverage but since it’s due out next week, I’m sure some NANA fans will want to know about it.

“NANA Live Staff Daiboshuu ~Shoshinsha Kangei~” will become the third NANA game to be released where the player takes the role of a girl who’s left home to experience what the big city life is like. However, she finds living a city life isn’t as easy as she thought.

Soon, the mother phones and gives the girl 3 months time to achieve something. Otherwise she will have to return home and hold out on her dreams. One day as she visits a shop, she meets Nana’s band “The Black Stones” and her boyfriend’s band “Trapnest”. Now she must work hard with them to keep her life in the big city, Tokyo.


After creating a custom character, you’re free to go about daily activities such as dressing up, shopping, eating, doing various jobs to improve skills and getting along with Nana and her friends. Starting off in a convenient store, you’ll have to gather information to change jobs. How well you play the mini games will determine if you pass the interview stage and how your skills increase with the jobs you do. Keep working hard within those three months and you could end working with Nana or one of her friends.


Game is due out June 21st next week from Konami. Those who order directly with company will get a bonus sticker based on the game that you can stick on the DS Lite.



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