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33 Days Until Code Geass DS is Revealed

That’s the time remaining until the official Bandai-Namco site opens at least. No details about what the game will be but we’ll probably have news about it from the usual magazine sources before then, though.

Current guesses are that it will be a adventure (i.e. visual novel) game or an SRPG similar to Super Robot Wars. What I personally want to see is an adventure game mixed in with some 3D mecha battles. It will also need an original story because I’m tired of playing through games where I already know what happens next. Or multiple “What if…” endings will do the trick too I guess. Don’t want them sticking the “Colors” OP or “Mosaic” ED songs in either because it’ll just end up ruining the images.

In any case, lets hope it lives up to the excellent Anime show! Can’t wait to watch the last two episodes of the first season this summer!

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