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Summon Night ~Twin Age~, ARPG Set for August and Official Site Up with Mini Demo

The latest Summon Night title for the DS is set for August 30th and from June 10th, the Japanese will be able to watch a commercial featuring Atsushi Itou the actor who played the male lead in Densha Otoko (Train Man). In the advert, he spots a girl being harassed by a group of mean looking guys. Atsushi points his stylus at them but what happens next? You’ll have to watch the CM to find out!


In the meantime, you can browse around the official site for some short gameplay clips and artwork. There’s an mini interactive demo running as you browse that gives you an idea of what the touch screen control system will be like. The idea is to travel between the pages to kill monsters until you fill up the item slots to the right. You’ll unlock two wallpapers by doing so.


If you get tired of the demo, you can turn it off by clicking the “off” button at the bottom-left of the Flash site. You can also watch a short interview with the actor talking about the game.

Have fun!


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