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Snow Portable, An Introduction to the Heroines

In this PSP remake of the PC dating sim “Snow ~Plus Edition~” you’ll be able to meet…

Sumino Yukizuki
A childhood friend of the player.


Shigure Kitazato
Leads a life surrounded by animals and is scared of human contact.


Ouka Wakou
A little girl who lives in a shrine.


Asahi Hiyorigawa
A girl who suddenly appears before the player and thinks all girls around him are “bad” so she attacks them…


Meiko Tachibana
A girl who works at the village clinic. She is doing research about the Dragon God.


Mystery Girl
Wearing a black dress, she is shy and always in reticence.


Those who pre-order at Messe Sanoh shop will be getting a free telephone card while those who pre-order at Gamers get a little towel. Both items feature illustrations of the characters from the game of course, mainly the mystery girl.

Originally set for February, a new release date is to be announced sometime for this summer.


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