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Legend of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass – A Scary Phantom Knight, Mini Games and More Revealed

Yes, more details have been revealed about this highly anticipated touch screen control only ARPG in this week’s Famitsu.

The gameplay basically goes like this. As mentioned in the last post, you will only be able to venture into the underground shrine while the Phantom Hourglass is in effect. Otherwise your HP will be drained away constantly.

With the hourglass working, you will have to make use of this time to explore the shrine and recover a new sea chart. This will give you access to more parts of the sea to explore. You can then find the island where a new dungeon boss is and defeat it to obtain more “Sands of Time”. This will extend (not refill) the time effect of the hourglass, allowing you to go even further into the shrine to recover more sea charts.

And to make things more exciting while you’re exploring the shrine, you may end up coming across the Phantom, an invincible knight that guards the place. If he finds you he’ll chase you relentlessly until you run away into a “Sacred Area”. He can kill you with one strike.

Scan 1

So, that’s main action part of the game. What else can you do? Well, since you’ll be sailing the seas a lot you’re going to have a chance of customising Lineback’s ship too! You will have to collect the parts yourself but once you have them, you can visit a shipyard to have them fitted. This will help increase the overall durability of the ship and perhaps unlock some new functions too.

Scan 2

While sailing there are other activities available too. You can savage objects from the bottom of the sea by guiding them up with a crane, go fishing for that record size fish or play a mini game of target practice. You may even encounter a giant monster occasionally which you’ll have to deal with using the ship’s canon or, you might even have to duel with a mysterious swordswoman who suddenly boards the ship to challenge you!

Character wise we have the familiar Gorons who are great craftsmen, Salvatore who dreams of being an artist, the Hoho Old Man who scouts for treasure and the Postman who brings Link his well, post. Then we’ve got the Yukiwaroshi race who lives on an icy snow covered island and the suspicious looking tradesman Terry who you’ll meet during your voyage. Oh, and we can’t forget the kidnapped pirate captain Tetra who you’ll see in that red box.

Just over two weeks until the game’s release in Japan and I’m sure there will be more coverage. Those living in Japan will actually get to try out a demo a week before. Lucky them!


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