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ONI Zero: The Feudal Age of Chaos where Flowers Bloom, The Latest in Banpresto’s Oni Series

“ONI Rei -Sengokuransei Hyakkaryouran-” marks the latest improved title in Takiya Iijima’s ONI series which started back on the GBA.

It is the year 1579 and rumours have it that Lord Nobuo Oda of Ookawachi Castle, Ise was planning to set up Imperial Trials in the search of 10 skilled fighters to work at a shrine. Hearing this, over 500 fighters from all over Japan including brutal bandits, outlaws and others who didn’t have the tiniest bit of conscience gathered together to participate. However, little did they know about the conspiracy of one man behind this tournament…

In this battle adventure game, you can play as over 15 different characters, unlocked as you complete different scenarios. As you would expect in a Japanese adventure game, there are multiple endings that you can obtain depending on the decisions you make during events.

Battles work by tapping or sliding on markers that appear on the touch screen successfully to damage the enemy. Fail and you yourself will get hurt.

Play as the ONI on August 30th.


Sounds like fun!


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