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The Exciting Search for Witches, Pre-Order Good and 3 of the Suspects Revealed

Due for release on July 5th, SNK’s “Dokidoki Majo Shinban!” witch hunting game will come with a screen cleaner. Only available while stocks last so better order early if you’re interested.

Pre-order screen cleaner.

Three of the suspects have also been named. From left to right we have handheld gaming loving little girl Renge Koda (30% possibility), hospitalised obedient little boy Yuma Mochizuki (40% possibility) and mysterious Mary Watahiki (70% possibility).

The suspects.

The game is given a “C” rating by CERO which means it’s for ages 15 and up. Seems there will be a Chinese and Korean version of the game because you can view the official site in those languages too now.

Meanwhile in Akiba, posters like these have been spotted with the words, “It’s finally here. The correct way of using the touch screen!”

Pre-order screen cleaner.


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