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Pikachu Edition DS Lite to Commemorate Tokyo’s Pokemon Centre Move

The Pokemon Centre at Tokyo, Nihonbashi is being moved to Hamamatsu and is due to open July 20th. In commemoration of this event, a yellow “Pikachu Edition DS Lite” will be available for purchase.

Your name will have to picked out of a draw first before you’re eligible to buy one, though. Available to lucky draw “winners” between July 20th and August 19th only.

Pikachu Edition DS Lite


2 Responses

  1. This DS would really match one of those special edition Xbox360 that commemorates the Simpsons movie.

    Wish I could get one in Europe (I could do without the lil’ pikachu in the corner though…).

  2. This one looks like a different yellow compared to that Simpsons Xbox360.

    I’m sure it’ll be up on Ebay or some other auction site eventually. You can always scrape off the Pikachu or spray paint that corner (J/K).

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