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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, Weekly Download Quests July 1st

I was going to make this post earlier but there was some server downtime.

Chachabuu gangs are lethal!

Well anyway, what sounded like an easy event quest this time round wasn’t quite so easy. Crammed into a tiny arena we were surrounded by lots of those Chachabuus and their attack power can be very lethal, especially for gunners.

What I didn’t know was that if you exit the arena with one of those Return Orbs after killing 10 of them, you get to meet the King Chachabuu. He’s even more lethal but as with his underlings, he’s got little HP.

Here's their King!

If you’re lucky enough, you can receive his inheritance which is really just some trash. Required if you want to make some Famitsu branded pants to go with your T-shirt made from one of the earlier quests. Guys get a loincloth and girls get swimwear style ones I think.

Other extras we got was that the travelling sales lady now has everything in stock! Very handy so be sure to download the extras!

This Friday we’ll be getting “A Season Blossoming with Green” where you’ll have to kill off more than a certain number of Rathians in the Forest & Hills map. Should be fun.

It’s also been revealed in this month’s Dengeki Maoh magazine that there will be another version of the quest where you fight two Kirins in the volcanic arena. No date has been revealed yet but with this event quest, you’ll finally be able to get your hands on the Dengeki G Tickets to upgrade your Politan hammer (pictured below) to the much cooler Politan G hammer shown in my other post.

You'll be able to upgrade this soon!

Well, until Friday!


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