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Final Fantasy IV DS Remake Famitsu Interview

Just spent around 3 hours today translating the FFIV DS Famitsu interview then another few hours re-reading and editing it, ending with a total of around 2500 words.

It sounds like the team is putting a lot more effort into it than their FFIII remake and it’s most likely because of all the story telling. I think it’s going to be very well presented with an extra part added to the character models so that they can be more expressive than just the facial expressions FFIII DS had.

Also glad they’ve decided not to include something like Mognet in because that was pointless in FFIII DS. You’re not really going to use a DS to message people when you have better means of doing it. I’m very curious to see what they’re using to replace the multiple character endings they had towards the end of the game.

Wonder what the touch screen mini games will be… Anything taken from Chocobo Tales?

Well, until more news is released! You can view my work at the usual place.


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