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Right Brain Training with Your Ears DS, Mini Games to Sharpen Your Listening Skills

Supervised by Akihiro Kawamura, Chairman of the New Japanese Speed Reading Research Organisation, you’ll hear paragraphs of text read out to you by voice actors at up to 8 times the normal speed you’re used to. You’re then tested to see how much of the text you managed to make out.

Apart from the main mode, there are also 4 mini games to enjoy. There’s…

Sound Origin
Identify which of the 5 directions a sound is coming from.

Sound Discernment
Multiple people speak at once and you’ll have to distinguish between them.

Hearing Range
Sounds between 125Hz ~ 8kHz is played to see how many you can hear.

Play the role of a music conductor and relax your ears.

“Mimi de Unou o Kitaeru DS Chounouryoku” is available July 26th.



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