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Dragoneers Aria: ‘Til The Dragon Slumbers – Battle System Details, New Characters and Pre-order Bonus

Nippon Ichi’s “Dragoneers Aria: Ryuu ga Neru made” pretty much works the same way as your typical RPG with random battles and turn based commands. With the AOT (Action Order Turn) System, you must give every one of your party members a command before the actions are carried out, in the order that they are given.

Screen 1

Characters will have Mana which can be accumulated by getting hit. This can then be used to execute skills and magic.

Magic works similarly to FFVII’s Materia system. Party members can be equipped with “Jewel Luths” to give them spells. The more they use the spells, the more powerful the spells will become.

Screen 2

Skills are divided into two types; “Characters Skills” and “Dragon Skills”. Character Skills are abilities that your party members themselves already possess while Dragon Skills on the other hand, can have combo effects using the Dragon Orbs that you obtain. For example, if you use “Wind Rush” followed by “Ice Break”, you’ll end up unleashing the “Volcano” attack.

Screen 3

New characters revealed include Ulrika Eklund who became the pirate leader she is now at the age of 11 when she lost her father. Ulrika loses her ship to some demonic currents and meets our main hero dragoons during her search for the Water Dragon.

Then there’s Ruslan Abramenkov, a lone elf who doesn’t like getting involved with other people’s problems and having lived a long life, he has grown to dislike the foolishness of humans.

Screen 4

And we can’t forget the Evil Dragon, of course.

Screen 6

Pre-order before August 23rd and you could get your hands on Korean character designer Jun Juno’s artbook “Juno’s Dragon Works”.

Theme song “Tobira wo Hiraite (Open the Door)” will be sung by Mimika who debutted with her mini album “Marugoto Mimika” back on March 9th.

Screen 5


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