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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, Weekly Download Quests May 25th

Ah, this was more like it.

First up, I formed a party for Dengeki’s quest “Maoh! The One Horned Maoh!” to fight Diablos in the desert. At first, I wasn’t really sure what to expect since they sometimes changed the pattern of these event version of monsters. One of the JP guys told us to bring lots of traps and sonic bombs or it was going to take forever to kill.

Diablos the Maoh

Sure enough, this version of Diablos seems to have more health than the other G-Ranked ones. Has higher attack power too so it was a challenge to beat unless you were spamming with clusters. It also liked to swim around a little before leaving the area.

What you ended up with was some Dengeki and Diasolte tickets. The latter is for the Diasolte armour set pictured below which gives you extra attack power and defence when your health is low (not the fire resist I said last time, sorry!) and, wind resist. I don’t think it’s worth it because the base defence stats are so low for melee. Only 40 defence and those skills are useless for a gunner.

Diasolte Armour Set

Not sure what the Dengeki tickets are for but people are hoping it means there’s some more new gear coming up soon.

Now the next event quest, “Ancestral Dragon”. Plenty of people were after this one and it’s the White Fatalis. The Japanese were calling it “Roots”, short for the Japanese name “Miraroots”. I’m guessing they used “roots” for the end bit of the name because the Kanji for the quest name means “ancestral”. You know, a big family tree with a stem – a root.

Roots, White Fatalis

Many of the random parties I joined ended up with everyone dying because it was their first fight. Not to mention mine. The attack that killed people was the lightning storm Fatalis ends up summoning now and then. Just like normal Fatalis’ meteor attack, it was instant death. One person told me you can survive a strike with the right gear but I have yet to see anyone survive. All you really had to do was just stay close in front of him.

Up High Lightning Storm

There was actually a second version of the lightning storm and that was when he flew up high to perch on the tower. This was the part when the whole arena gets struck with lots of quick shots of lightning. You had to find a safe place to stand while he’s making his way up there. There seems to be 3 spots; one by the entrance rock, somewhere in the centre and by the edge. The fun part is standing there and watching the lightning strike, hoping it doesn’t hit you!

Started off using the Akamu Bow but that took too long. Eventually spamming with clusters using a light bowgun seemed to be the best way to defeat him. He hardly had a chance to summon a storm and was down in around 20 minutes or so. When people wanted his eyes and horns we had a similar setup; 3 light bowgun users and 1 dual swords. Started off paralysing it to get the head damage in before we finished it off with clusters.

White Fatalis Armour Set

The set of armour was much more worth it than the Diasolte gear with a base defence of 70. Melee set gave you extra weapon sharpness and anti-deflection (sorry, don’t know what the English name is!) and the gunner set gave you an extra ammo slot and stamina. The downside is it gives you minus dragon resistance too.

Well, this week we’re going to have an easy event quest again with Famitsu, fighting those pumpkin headed Chachabuus in an arena. Also a new bonus title to earn “Dondoruma” and the travelling sales lady will have (almost) everything for sale!

On another note, the number of Xlink Kai users have increased a lot lately with over 6000 people alone in the Japanese MHP2 rooms. The Chinese ones had even more with over 7000 while there were a few hundred people playing other PSP games like the recent remake of Final Fantasy Tactics. Imagine the profit Datel must be making thanks to UK’s Kai team.

Anyway, hope we see some 3 slot armour and more challenging quests!


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