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The Strange Creature that Eats English: Marsh, Come on and look after Marsh!

Now here’s an English training title that might get the Japanese interested. Marsh, the little white creature that you see below has lost its memory and it’s up to you to restore its memory by feeding it with English!


It’s a fun process. What you have to do in the game is touch various objects such as chairs and sofas then you’ll be able to create sentences related to that object. Next, these sentences appear as candy floss for Marsh to eat and it’ll react with various actions such as performing a dance, repeating questions or just becoming bewildered.

Apart from interacting with it using English, you’ll also be able to pet it or tickle it with the stylus.


Marsh has 9 memories that it needs to recover and will grow up in 3 different stages. The English used and voices will be done by Rumiko Varnes. You can expect it sometime in summer.

In any case, this looks like a fun quality title but “It was yack!”…?


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