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Simple DS Series Vol. 18: The Armoured Forces Gunground, Mecha Platform Action Game

The story in “Simple DS Series Vol. 18: The Kousou Kibei Gunground” goes like this…

It is the 23rd century. Humans have settled on the moon and were now choosing to migrate to Mars as their new destination and energy source. Under the severe conditions on the planet, work machines known as Machine Workers (MW) have been developed. However, a mass war soon arose and taking advantage of these MWs for military purposes, the Machine Armour (MA) was born.

The war soon ended but then World War IV began on Earth. Making use of the MAs from Mars, the situation was brought under control and Earth seeked to bring order into the world. Countries around the world joined to form the “Earth Peace Keeping Federation (EPKF).

Kyte Slater was a country that possessed its own military force and was one who became a member of the EPKF. A coup d’etat suddenly breaks out on EPKF’s island of military facilities and the team is dispatched to neutralise the situation.

Chaos was once again brewing under the shadow of peace…


In this mecha platformer you will be of course, taking control of the MAs to complete missions. Using the touch screen you can switch weapons, use items and view stats. You can also customise you mecha with the 200 different parts available for purchase.

Wireless mode will allow up to 4 players to have versus matches or co-op play.

Enjoy some Simple mecha action on July 28th. In the meantime, you can check the source for more screenshots and some character art.



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