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Konami Announces “Hayate no Gotoku” DS Game to be Made

Otherwise known as “Hayate the Combat Butler”, this Manga turned Anime is to get trading card game from Konami. Exciting, eh? You can read more about this series on Wikipedia.

The show just started airing since April on TV Tokyo but I haven’t watched it so can’t tell you how good it is.



2 Responses

  1. Certainly an interesting idea. Hayate’s been a favourite of mine since I just heard the name “Hayate the Combat Butler” and then got into the manga itself for the same reason.

    Normally I avoid trading card games, however, one based on a comedy anime certainly sounds like some good humour could be encorporated into the title and make it stand above the rest.

    An action game or platformer (for the same handheld) would be even more amusing, however.

  2. Having watched it but the title certainly sounds funny. So many good stuff on this season!

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