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Final Fantasy Dissidia, More Little Bits of Gameplay Details Revealed

Now last time I was wondering why SE decided to make this FF beat-em-up game. Well, here’s what the team had to say about Dissidia in Famitsu’s mini interview:

Tetsuya Nomura
Creative Producer / Character Designer

“It’s a celebration title that is part of the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary. We took into consideration how our staff such as Shiokawa here, who worked on Kingdom Hearts, wanted to try something new.”

Yoshinori Kitase

“While keeping what elements should remain in an FF game, we thought we could create something interesting by incorporating it all with the KH staff’s sharp ideas.”

Yousuke Shiokawa

“We’re having fun making this game while enjoying the “celebrations” so I hope everyone will join in!”

Scan 1

– Why an action game?

“FF is an evolving RPG series that has everything in it. As a celebration title and a story that takes place outside previous titles, we felt that it shouldn’t be bound by genre.”

“I was the one responsible for Kingdom Heart’s 1v1 battle system but, I feel there is still much I can to improve the exhilarating feeling you get from the 360 degree environment. So in a sense, it’s a challenge for me.”

Fair enough. The mini interview goes onto say how you will be able to equip items that not only boosts your stats but will also change the rules of the game such as setting the time limit. There will be 10 main characters and a main story mode to play through.

Scan 2

From the purple box we learn…

  • There will be destructible environments
  • Attack move commands available to your character will change depending on the distance between you and your opponent.
  • How powerful attacks are will depend on a “BRAVE” counter which you can increase by successfully hitting your opponent or just destroying things.
  • You must fill a Special Gauge by using certain moves to unleash a special attack.
  • You will gain experience as you fight and level up.
  • Danger indicator to the right which will warn if your opponent can defeat you with one attack or not. The BRAVE counter will play an important role in this.

Scan 3

That’s quite a lot happening at once. The story basically revolves around these 10 warriors guided by the God of Harmony, Cosmos to stop the destruction of the world. Still not really sure what to expect, though.

The PSP Fanboy site has some of the sample music that was given out at the SE Party so go check it out if you’re interested ;)


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