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Ontama Musical Note Island, Catch Those Ontamas in this Rhythm Action Game!

In the world of “Ontama Onpu Shimahen”, there are those who can perform music without using instruments. These people are known as “Onta Masters”, ones who can perform music by collecting the spirits of sound called “Ontamas” on discs called “Onbans”.

In a small village where children are attending Ongaku School to become a Onta Master, there is a sport loving boy named “Beat” and a girl named “Rest” who loves to beat boys at everything. Both of them were childhood friends and have been competing to see who can become an Onta Master first. One day, as they were arguing about this matter as usual, they find a Ontama lying unconscious near their school…

The idea of this game is to capture Ontamas by either touching or drawing a circle around them. Once you do this, notes will start scrolling on the top screen and you’ll have to hit buttons in time with them.

Looks pretty good but not sure about actual gameplay.

Lookout for those Ontamas on June 7th!



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  1. Rhythm-RPG?! Oh yes!!!!

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