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Mamegoma: A Warmhearted Diary, Can You Take Good Care of These Seals?

When “Mamegoma Honobo no Nikki” was announced about a year ago, a few people reading this blog expressed interest in it. Hope they’re still reading now because a release date has finally been announced and it’s going to be July 28th!

The idea is to look after a palm-sized baby seal for an in-game year by feeding it food, cleaning out its tank, teaching it words, petting it, taking it out for walks etc. It seems they have increased the number of seals available from 14 to 22 now and they will also respond to your voice.

Now how can you resist these little things?



2 Responses

  1. Mmmm… I thought the Japanese were famous for beating seals senseless… or was that just for whales?

  2. Think there were demonstrations to stop whale hunting…

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